Antwort auf: Gesamteindrücke zur (Online-)Tagung

Andrea Menze-Sonneck

I am very much enjoying and profiting from taking part in the conference – both as co-author of a paper and as participant in the conference’s discussions. The conference format encouraged me to integrate more writing with the help of e-learning formats in order to foster students’ discussion. It was a challenging task to present a written paper in advance of a conference and I agree with Tyll that what Elke and I presented was more than a first draft for us. However, the discussion on our skript as well as the vivid discussion on Paul’s and Peter’s contribution, taking place more or less simultaneously, also proved to me that following the idea of SoTL that motivated us to present the skript on the conference wos definetely worth the effort. With the conference, the idea of SoTL that stands behind the origin of our paper has now been put into practice as we could discuss it in a community that is interested in improving WAG. Thanks a lot!